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Strategic Branding Consultation - $50/hour

This discussion includes an outline of your brand/business currently and topics such as goals, objectives, tactics, content brainstorming and target audience.

Clients have a choice of one out of two deliverables:


1. Mood board: Visual presentation or collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. Can be based upon a set topic any material chosen at random. Can convey a general idea or feeling about a particular topic.

2. Fact sheet: short, typed or hand-written document that contains the most relevant information about a particular subject in the least amount of space. The goal is to provide facts and key points about a topic in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand way.

Will be delivered in PDF form via email 2-3 business days after consultation.

Social Media Analytics Package - $200

This package breaks down everything you need to know about your social media analytics. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter I got you!


With the package, you will receive:

1. Customized insights tracking report based on activity, audience and content posted the past month (plus a basic media metric glossary)

2. Custom hashtag group for your brand (between 10 and 20 hashtag choices for you to use with the current number of posts using the hashtag at the time the report is completed)


3. Custom advice on how to improve your insights based on the findings of the report.

Will be delivered in Word document/PDF form via email within 7 business days after account login information is received.

Brand Development Service - $275

This package is for those who have a brand/business but really need some further clarification on how to align the content and establish a solid brand identity.


It includes:

1. Brand guidelines which include a summary of brand goal and mission, mood board, custom brand color palette with hex codes, suggested brand fonts and a product application example.


2. Custom SWOT analysis to determine the successes and weaknesses of your business and recommendations on how to improve OR recommended brand archetype - a universally familiar character or situation that transcends time, place, culture, gender and age. With the brand personality the brand archetype gives a brand a more human feel.

3. Custom branding template (1) page highlights (up to 5) and professional bio recommendations.

Will be delivered in Word document/PDF form via email within 15 business days after information is received.

Social Media Content Calendar - $175/week, $600/month

Service is offered on a weekly basis, however service on a monthly basis is recommended for optimal results. 

Social media content calendar is offered as a PDF or monthly content creation, scheduling and posting through Planoly.

Weekly calendar includes:


1. 4-5 postable content ideas along with 2-3 pieces of completed content a week. 

2. Choices of completed content are feed post, story template, branding template or one page highlight cover.

3. Content calendar includes caption copywriting along with community management and engagement. 

**For end to end social media management services outside of offerings or a hybrid of services listed, please place an inquiry using the contact page for pricing. 


*If you would like to see visual examples of any packages listed above please visit us on Instagram @manibmedia or place an inquiry through the contact page.

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