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Mani B. Media is an LLC, founded by Imani Yorker. Imani, a marketing and communications thought leader, more commonly referred to as Mani (Mah-nee) is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park and Georgetown University. She holds an undergraduate degree in Communications (Public Relations) with a double major in Sociology. This double major allows her to see thoroughly on both sides of the field, having knowledge in what a business and brand needs to prosper but also knowing how people think and behave from the mindset and stance of a consumer. Her graduate degree from Georgetown University is a Master's of Professional Studies in Integrated Marketing Communications. This program led to bud what Mani B. Media is today. 


As a college student, Imani always had a remarkable work ethic, working 2-3 jobs while also maintaining a stellar GPA, involvement in many organizations and serving as a leader and trailblazer on campus. However, the one thing missing was something of her own. Imani is a firm believer that education is very important and has always taken her schooling and grades very seriously. When originally entering her graduate school program, she felt as though her knowledge may not have been enough to fully launch her business, but after completing a year of the program increasing her knowledge about all facets of branding and marketing, she is ready to launch. Imani has always had an interest in media, but more specifically digital marketing and how the different facets of media help a company and business prosper. Beginning in high school, Imani was involved in video anchoring and editing for the weekly news. The skills she learned on set were something she took with her and still carries with her today. 


As a student in the Integrated Marketing program, day in and out Imani is enrolled in classes such as Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Consumer Research and Insights and more. Work experience with companies such as but not limited to MGM National Harbor, Federal Reserve's Board of Governors, Universal Music Group and the Smithsonian Institution has not only given Imani a diverse experience but allows her perspective of marketing, communications and branding to be widespread and not narrowly focused on one particular industry.


During the second semester of her program, the COVID-19 pandemic struck and classes automatically shifted to online, which means students had to shift as well. With the extra time, Imani dedicated it to helping to put her knowledge to the test with those small businesses of members of the community and also using her platform on Instagram to help educate and inform her followers and those watching her platform about all things marketing and branding. Currently, Imani hosts a weekly series called #ManisMarketingMondays that takes place on either Instagram live or through polls where she informs followers about different terms and practices through the marketing field. From March 2020 to June 2020, she has served over 15 small businesses and brands mainly based in the DMV area, but also spread across the East Coast. 


One thing that Imani notices in both small businesses and large corporations alike is that finding strategies to reach the consumers and target audience is harder than one may think. Times are changing and how people are consuming their information is shifting for sure. An online presence is just as important if not more important than their in person presence and face to face impressions, especially in today’s societal climate. Often, the online presence is what people see and “meet” before they are even able to meet you in person. In society, a lot of things will be shifted to be virtual more now than ever, so it is important to be sure that the online presence is just on par for your “virtual introduction” as well.

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